School of Creative Arts

The Charis College School of Creative Arts will be offering a series of courses in writing, filmmaking, and music.

Our first offering for writers is The Storyteller’s Toolbox™,
a 10 week (1 lesson/week) Creative Writing Course, where you will learn all aspects of observation, writing, and presentation.

You will also learn how to publish your own work using various paperback, hardcover and E-Book formats.

The Outline of the The Storyteller’s Toolbox™

Lesson 1
A. The Writing Process – What’s Involved?
B. The Writing Process – What are Stories Made of?
C. The Writing Process – Categories Of Writing & Forms Of Writing
D. Assignment

Lesson 2
A. Descriptive Writing – Using your Senses
B. Descriptive Writing – Passive Voice, Active Voice
C. Descriptive Writing – Idea Starters
D. Descriptive Writing – Assignment
E. Descriptive Writing – Short Story
F. Descriptive Writing – Fair Use of Copyright Material
G. Assignment

Lesson 3
A. Descriptive Writing – Observation Skills
B. Descriptive Writing – Exercises
C. Stories with or without chapters?
D. Assignment

Lesson 4
A. Descriptive Writing – Dialogue
B. Descriptive Writing – Dialogue Exercises
C. Assignment

Lesson 5
A. Descriptive Writing – Creative Thought
B. Descriptive Writing – Creative Thought Assignment
C. Descriptive Writing – Creating Strong Sentences
D. Personal Storytelling – The Why of it.
E. Assignment

Lesson 6
A. Ponder this…
B. Descriptive Writing – Developing Your Story
C. Assignment

Lesson 7
A. Finding a Catchy Title
B. Choosing a Cover
C. Assignment

Lesson 8
A. About Publishing
B. About Social Media

Lesson 9
A. Write your Introduction
B. Who should write your Forward?
C. How and when to write a Preface
D. Write your Author’s Bio

Lesson 10
A. Presentations
B. Celebration time