You CAN Understand the Bible!

Do You Understand the Bible?

Sometimes the Bible is so hard to understand!

Have you ever thought about the Bible?

What is the Bible and who wrote it?

Is the Bible true and can I trust it?

Does the Bible contain errors, contradictions, and discrepancies?

Have you ever had these questions?

Then 13-week this course is for you!

Dr. Bob Utley, Professor of Hermeneutics (Retired) answers these, and many more questions in this course called:

You Can Understand the Bible!

This 13-week course  is based on this 248-page manual called

You Can Understand the Bible!

You can Understand the Bible!, is a 13 week (40 hr) introductory course on how to trust, understand and interpret the Bible. This course is designed for people of all ages who want learn about the truth of the Bible and how to apply biblical principles to everyday life.
Not only will you learn content, but you will learn study skills that you can use for the rest of your life.
Parents, this course is excellent for high schoolers who are looking for answers to questions of faith.

This course consists of:

1. 13 video lectures by Dr. Bob Utley (13 plus 4 bonus lectures for a total of 17 lectures)

2. 13 transcripts of the videos (4 bonus transcripts for a total of 17 transcripts) and

3.  all the notes Dr. Bob Utley refers to in his videos.

Here is Lesson # 1
This is a sample to show you what the course is like.

Here is the complete transcript or Video #1

You Can Understand the Bible Lesson 1 transcript

Here are the Lesson Notes for Lesson #1

Introduction Notes 1